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They’ve finally done it…

For years and years I’ve had paranoid users complain to me about webcams on their laptops.

So many times I have to re-commision a laptop I have to remove the tape over the camera

No doubt they’ll still tape over it.

It’s 2011 and we’re still clicking ‘Save’

I had the delightful experience of informing one of my Users today that he’d lost a days work.

Scenario was I receive a call from a pleading user who had a Microsoft Project file ‘that wouldn’t open’ and I had to try and fix it.  A cursory look at the file showed that it was indeed corrupt as the file-size was a pint-size 8kb and the headers were all garbage.  ( Hot-tip for UNIX admins, fall in love with the file command )

The only option to recover the file was going to backups and this site only had overnight backups.

I was curious on why Microsoft Project would write garbage out to the file and talked with the User to retrace his steps.

Step 1) Logon in the morning and double click on the MS Project file

Step 2) Unplug network cable and walk into a meeting room to work with others for the day

Step 3) After a day of dealing walk back to his desk and plug in the network cable hitting ‘SAVE’

Now the Samba logs aren’t that detailed in this site but I’m guessing he hit the SAVE button prior to his machine receiving DHCP, logging on the file server, any of that jazz.

It’s an honest mistake.

To the computer literate and those that know what the floppy disk symbol of a save icon represents.

It raises a question though.  It’s 2011, why do we have to keep clicking ‘Save’ files?  I hope in the next decade I can look back and see progress.  In the meantime, there’s dropbox.

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